So Nice to Meet You

This is about You.

Do you suffer from chronic pain? We’re so glad you found us!  If you’re a partner, friend or professional supporting someone with chronic pain, welcome! Chronic pain is devastating and most of the time invisible. We hope our openness, practical strategies and events validate your struggles and encourage you to find your new, fulfilling, normal.

Why Us.

The Chronic Pain Couple was created by health professionals with a real understanding of life and love with chronic pain. Professional experience working in the health industry and a love of research is also the driving force behind The Chronic Pain Couple.

You're not alone.

It’s estimated 100 million people in America, 28 million individuals in the UK and approximately four million Australian’s suffer from chronic pain. It’s difficult. It doesn’t mean finding joy or having a great relationship needs to be though.


Karra Eloff

Karra is dedicated to helping individuals break through trials to create lives they love.

She is the managing director and co-founder of a mental health company with two private psychology clinics on the East Coast of Australia. She is also a speech & language pathologist who holds a Masters degree in speech pathology, and a regular guest panelist on the Australian TV show, Be That.

Karra founded The Chronic Pain Couple after being diagnosed with a painful condition and discovering the lack of resources for couples faced with chronic pain related issues. She delivers education to health professionals on the power of the partner in addition to offering resources for couples and individuals ready to claim back their life and relationship from the stronghold of chronic illness and pain.



Clinical psychologist, Dr Johann Eloff, is the other half of the original Chronic Pain Couple. Johann has over a decade of experience providing psychological support to individuals and couples adjusting to life altering events including the diagnosis of chronic health conditions.

Johann and Karra, through their professional skills, clinical tools, latest research and personal experience, have created resources unlocking the key steps for Chronic Pain Couple’s to create a passionate and fulfilling relationship despite pain and are dedicated to sharing them with you. To enquire about a Chronic Pain Couple event, please use the message form on the contact page.