So Nice to Meet You

This is about You.

Do you suffer from, or care for someone with chronic pain? We are so glad you found us!  If you are a friend or professional supporting someone with chronic pain, welcome! We are so excited to connect with you. Chronic pain is devastating and a lot of the time invisible. We hope our openness and practical strategies validate your struggles and encourage you to find your new, fulfilling, normal.


Why Us.

We are a couple of health professionals with a real understanding of life and love with chronic pain. Our mix of professional and personal experience and passion for research has given us such a large collection of practical strategies for couples dealing with chronic pain, that really work, we decided it was time to start sharing them with others. This is when The Chronic Pain Couple was formed.

Let's get Together.

It is estimated 100 million people in America, 28 million in the UK and around four million Australian’s suffer from chronic pain. If you are willing to be brave and open, we are confident people from all parts of the world, can build a strong community with us and share this journey. Chronic pain is difficult. It doesn’t mean finding joy needs to be.



I have chronic pain.
I try not to let pain define me. So…

My name is Karra and I am a country girl now living beachside in the city of the Sunshine Coast, on the East Coast of Australia with my husband, Johann and beautiful toddler, Joshua. I am passionate about health & communication. My undergraduate majors were applied linguistics and Japanese language and I hold a Masters degree in Speech Pathology. I jointly own a private allied health practice and provide private speech pathology services between rest days.
Why would a young person need to take rest days you might ask? Well, I am one of the estimated 20% of adults who suffer from chronic pain. Spondyloarthritis and hypermobility syndrome are the reasons I experience severe sacroiliac joint (SIJ), lumbar and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain (jaw and low back/pelvis pain). I experience some level of pain all day, every day, and pain insomnia often. However, like many other chronic pain sufferers, I am young and look well. My greatest fear? That I will broadcast my brokenness and not one person would be helped through my openness. It is a fear I need to overcome because no body is unbreakable.



Johann is a sought-after, clinical psychologist who has helped thousands of individuals and couples cope with life changing events. Johann was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and moved to Australia at the age of 18. He completed his Professional Doctorate in Psychology at the University of Queensland and has been counselling for 10 years now. Johann is also a surfer. He is humble about his abilities but dominates the big waves the other men are quick to dive under. Most importantly though, he is a fabulous husband. Johann has worked with me to find our new ‘normal’ and drawn on his professional experience to guide us to where we are now. He is excited to continue sharing his tips on caring for someone with chronic pain and how to take care of yourself when you are caring for a loved one.



Johann and I have been inseparable after first meeting 10 years ago. Our marriage was always full of adventure and sports. We would run, cycle or gym daily. Early in our marriage we travelled extensively through Europe, UK, North America, Asia and Africa. We spent evenings in rooftop pools in Morocco, cycled the Austrian Alps and sailed to quiet French towns along the East Coast of France. Fast forward a few years to now…we are hesitant to book a three-hour flight.

My pain has had a huge impact on our relationship and lifestyle. No, I should say it ‘had’. It used to impact on our relationship. For a short time, Johann and I let the pain control our emotions, reactions and in the end, our marriage. One day though we committed to reclaiming our passionate marriage and we began researching how to make a marriage flourish when one partner was experiencing chronic pain. Not a lot of information existed that was practical but we tried and tested all advice we came across and combined it with our professional knowledge and research experience. We soon found many ways to improve our relationship despite chronic pain that is still not written about elsewhere. So here we are, many years later with a remarkable marriage in unremarkable circumstances, excited to share with you our journey and what we learnt along the way.

Our only hope is that you are encouraged by our openness. Ultimately, our mission is to empower individuals and couples to experience fulfilling lives and passionate relationships but we will settle with just being your entertainment during a flare up of symptoms.

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